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Hey there! 👋 We are constantly finding new and better solutions. Did your processor just turn you off?
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If you are a new or existing CBD and Hemp Business looking for payment processing, HMS Payments is the perfect solution.  We offer reliable payment processing services for CBD and hemp oil businesses with US Banks. A great option for all CBD merchants including Ecommerce, wholesale, distributors, manufacturers and retail locations. 


As trailblazers in merchant payment processing, we want to see your business grow just like you. 


4 Major credit card

Our all-star account representatives can work directly with you to aid in the preparation of the Merchant Bank’s credit card payment processing underwriting process.  We take into account all of your business specifications and determine how best to present your documents and information to underwriting, while still focusing on transparency and remaining compliant at all stages of the application process and beyond.  We will guide you through all of the requirements step-by-step. 

HMS Payments can provide knowledgeable advice to get your account approved.  We get can your account up and running within five business days, and take great pleasure in being a part of this industry's rapid growth!


CBD Payment Processing

A Historical Overview

Hemp-derived CBD was legalized at the state level in many states prior to the passage of the US Farm Bill.  During this time, credit card processors weren’t legally allowed to provide credit card processing solutions for this industry as hemp and hemp-derived CBD were at that point classified as Schedule I drugs, or otherwise untouchable from a financial services perspective. 

In early December, 2018, Congress passed the 2018 US Farm Bill which federally legitimized the cultivation of hemp, paving the way for the legal hemp-derived CBD merchant payment processing, including the ability to accept credit cards.  More than ever, the CBD industry is hot and trending! 

Since this new federal legislation was passed,  the financial services sector has been slow to implement new policies and controls to allow for the offering of merchant services to legal, hemp-derived CBD merchants.  There currently only exists a handful of merchant service providers that provide cater to hemp-derived CBD merchants.  Further, and historically speaking, CBD merchant services providers have been known to terminate CBD merchant services at a moment’s notice with no regard for the disruption of services that they cause to their CBD merchant customers.

Many banks, payment processors and payment gateways consider selling hemp-derived CBD as a high-risk industry, as there are strict standards which determine the legality of the product, including maximum THC thresholds, origin, etc.  The liability, the cost of the product and the incidence of chargebacks is simply outside the risk tolerance threshold of most payment processing and other merchant service providers alike. 

HMSpayments is different than the rest.  With a collective 20 years+ payment processing and financial regulatory experience, HMS has the network, know-how and more importantly, the answer to all CBD merchant payment processing needs.  With HMS suite of merchant service product, including multiple payment processing solutions, no HMS CBD merchant client will ever be left out in the cold as a result of a processor’s decision to cease offering credit card payment processing to industry participants, much like Elavon’s recent decision to terminate all CBD merchant accounts.  During client onboarding, HMS will assess your CBD business, and recommend one or more payment processing solutions, holding at least one additional solution as a failsafe in case a merchant’s chosen primary solution is compromised. 

Processing Machine

Credit Card Payment
Processing Solutions

Fast Approvals
Our approval process is among the quickest in the industry!  By next week you can be processing with HMS Payments. 

Simple Application Process
Our dedicated service professions can help provide insight into submitting a proper and complete application package to underwriting.  

High Risk Approvals
Sometimes businesses are labelled high risk because of how new they are, or their percentage of chargeback disputes is relatively high.  Not for HMS Payments!  Our CBD and Hemp Merchant Processing is proven and efficient. 

Low Fees
HMS is an industry cost leader.  HMS recognizes the value of long-term relationships thus we keep our fees low to keep you as a customer.  If HMS identifies cost-saving solutions, those cost saving solutions are passed on to our merchant clients! 

24 Hour Settlement
Credit card payments are settled once a day at a time of your choosing.  Once the funds are settled, they will post to your Merchant bank account within one business day. 

All Major Credit Cards Accepted
All HMS credit card processing solutions accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Multiple Processing Solutions
HMS provides its merchant customers with multiple merchant processing options, and recommends that its merchants apply for more than one solution, always keeping one solution as a failsafe in the rare instance that the primary credit card processing solution becomes unavailable. 

Instant eCheck Verification Servicers
HMS also provides instant ACH verification and funding.  Never have an ACH payment returned for insufficient funds.  HMS’s solution instantly verifies that there are enough funds to cover an electronic ACH transfer, immediately debiting the payer account and funding the CBD Merchant bank account within seconds. 

No Hidden Fees
What you see is what you get.  New CBD merchant account applicants will receive an all-inclusive quote on fees, which are based on transaction amount.  Never be charged a hidden fee again with HMS payment processing solutions. 

Secure Processing
Our tried and proven processing gives you the confidence you need to do business safe and efficiently. 

Creative Solutions
Our representatives can not only solve existing problems inhibiting your business, but we can even identify them before they exist!



HMS Payments provides financing in various capacities to help grow your CBD business.  Our goal is to provide more manageable financing solutions, especially to business owners who have been deterred by outrageous quotes in the past.  We don't view CBD as high risk, we view it as high reward.  As champions of the industry, we take pride in providing creative financing solutions to best fit your needs. 

Financing Offerings 
Credit Card Splits - Business financing structured with a variable payment as a holdback percentage of credit card processing batch. For instance, if we structure an allocation for $100,000 at 10% the total payback is $110,000, which would be paid back by taking 10% of the credit card receivables.  This is ideal for companies with heavy seasonality because in the slower months the obligation reflects a smaller dollar amount in regards to the payment.  

Business Line of Credit – True simple interest APR revolving line of credit. Draw up to the max credit line whenever you want.  Pre-pay whenever you want with no fees to save BIG on interest.  True revolver – every payment replenishes your available capital for your next draw. Only pay interest on outstanding balance.  

Short Term Working Capital Allocation - When you're in a bind, we can provide a quick influx of capital within 24 hours.  Terms are typically 6 - 18 months, 100% uncollateralized with no real estate assets required.  A great solution to meet a purchase order or get a piece of equipment needed to grow a business.

Real Estate Financing - Get cash out by refinancing your current asset or get a loan for a purchase.  Optimum flexibility for bridge and rental financing.  30-Year, Fixed-Rate, Fully Amortized Term.  No Borrower Debt-to-Income.   Up to 80% LTV.  Low credit accepted.  Loan amounts as low as $50,000.  No limitations on portfolio size.  Can provide 100% construction & development loans.  

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