Rate depends on volume:      

Debit/Credit: 5.5% + $1.50 (can drop to $1)      

Debit Credit:              
<$100K - 5.95% + $0.30              
$100K>x>$500K - 4.95% + $0.30            
>$500K - TBD

What are all monthly fees?

How long does it take to get approved?            
Up to 5 business days

Is there an application fee?            

Qualification requirements?            

What are the reserves, if any?            
None, unless negative news is identified during underwriting
(TMF list, money laundering, drug charges, etc.)

What are the total costs to get started?            
$100 + equipment

How much does the equipment cost?            
$550 per terminal

Early termination fee?            
Will be determined upon approval.  
If the termination fee is high,
we suggest paying the $10 monthly fee until contract expiration

Is your solution domestic?            

Terms and Conditions?
Will be provided upon approval.

What equipment and gateways can be used?            
Equipment provided by processor.  
Gateway is which we set up.

Can you send over a pricing guide for your services?
Pricing indicated above.

Do you provide your financing options for start-ups?

Forward calls to Andy/Chris.

Do you accept international e-commerce platforms?
Not at this time.

What payment gateway do you use?

Do you work with Shopify?              

Do you work with international clients?
Not at this time.

What is the chargeback rate?
Will be disclosed upon approval.

How long do funds take to appear in my account?
Funds settle daily and are funded via ACH next business day.

Do you offer your services to any other industries also?

Forward calls to Pablo

Any restrictions on products and processing volume?


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